Improving the Skin Without Uncomfortable Side Effects

One of the biggest concerns people have with using treatment products like retin-a tretinoin is whether or not it will irritate their skin. Redness and peeling are potential side effects that anyone may experience when applying this effective acne and wrinkle cream. A small number of users with extremely sensitive skin may be unable to use the product, but the majority will discover they have no trouble if they follow a few simple steps.

Apply it Correctly

Apply the retin-a tretinoin cream to clean skin but wait at least 20 minutes after cleansing before it is applied. Avoid face scrubs or harsh cleansers that may leave the skin irritated before the cream is even applied. Use only a small amount and gradually work up to larger doses. A drop about the size of a pea is the maximum dosage needed for treating the face. Try about half of this amount for the first week and slowly apply more every few days if there is no discomfort or only minimal tingling.

Time it Properly

Skin is very sensitive to sunlight when a retin-a tretinoin cream is in use. This is why it is recommended for evening use only. The sunlight will also reduce the effectiveness of the Vitamin A. The UV rays break down Vitamin A and that is the active ingredient in the product. Even with a nighttime application, it is still necessary to protect the skin from the sun with at least an SPF30 sunscreen. Avoid long periods of direct exposure to the sun, even when using the sunscreen, and remember to reapply protection after swimming or when perspiring heavily.

Make Some Changes

Try a new approach if the retin-a tretinoin cream continues to cause side effects despite applying it properly and using the correct amount. Start by increasing the amount of moisturizer used daily or purchase a more nourishing and healing lotion. Apply the moisturizer throughout the day and give the skin a break from makeup occasionally. Try using the treatment every other day to let the skin rest. There are gentler versions of Retin A creams that may be more comfortable for some people.

There is no reason one bad experience with this skin cream should prevent someone from gaining its benefits. There are ways to adapt a routine to improve the results. Staying on a consistent schedule and being cautious about how much product is used and how to properly care for the skin will make a huge difference.


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